Equipment Development Services was founded in 1972 in Schenectady, New York with the intent of engineering, designing and manufacturing prototype machinery for industry, some of which included an automatic drilling machine to manufacture parts that are used in rotary garden tillers to specialty measuring tools. Over the years, we began to concentrate our efforts in the “measuring tools” sector and principally in the tools required by the power generation industry.

In 1991 we were awarded a United States patent for our Electronic Adjustable Measuring Parallels (EAMP) and in 1994, a patent for our Concentricity Alignment Tool (CAT).

We opened a new site in Rochester, New York in 2007 where we moved manufacturing of the flagship Concentricity Alignment Tool. In 2014, we incorporated that site as EDS Measurement Systems, Inc. We continue to produce the other Turbine Tools from the site in Schenectady, but exclusively manufacture and maintain Concentricity Alignment Tools in Rochester.

Today, our business is totally involved with supplying the special measuring tool needs of the power generation industry worldwide. Our turbine tools have proven their usefulness over the years and our client list attests to the acceptance of the tools.

All our tools are manufactured in the United States. Whenever possible, we source component parts and raw materials from nations with the highest labor and environmental standards.