Turbine Tools

The Concentricity Alignment Tool (CAT) allows you to directly measures the amount of diaphragm misalignment with the rotor in place. It is manufactured by EDS Measurement Systems, Inc. in Rochester, New York, USA.

The following tools are manufactured by Equipment Development Services in Schenectady, New York, USA. They are mainly used worldwide in the power generation industry for aligning and measuring turbine clearances, either when assembling new turbines or during outage repairs.

Tightwire Alignment Tool Kit (TATK)

  • Used to align diaphragms utilizing tight wire technique.
  • Contains vertical and horizontal adjustable ball bearing wire end supports.
  • Complete package including headphones and measuring micrometer with extensions.
TATK Case Open
Electronic Adjustable Measuring Parallels (EAMP)

  • Used to measure widths of slots or openings in hard to reach places.
  • Functions similar to regular machinist adjustable parallels but electronic.
  • Available in three reach lengths, 5 inch, 12 inch and 17 inch.
  • Remote readout allows measurements to be taken without extracting tool.
EAMP-12 Case Open

The following tool is manufactured by EDS Precision Systems in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

Precision Water Level (PWL)

  • Used to measure level or flatness of a horizontal surface.
  • Used to measure the level of large machinery
  • Very accurate.
  • Simple to use and understand.
Precision Water Level in Carrying Case